•    Please go to www.tmillingcenter.com to register and create work orders.
•    TMC prefers our customer use the digital prescription form on our website. This allows your cases to be processed faster and you can track all cases in process in real time. When you use our online work order forms you can track all your shipments in real time from your smart phone or computer.  
•    Pre-designed cases uploaded by 2pm will ship the next day.  Long span and glazed finished cases require additional time in lab. 
•    Model cases shipped to TMC arriving by 2:00 pm Pacific Time will ship 2 days after receiving.
•    Cases received after 2:00 pm Pacific Time require an additional day to complete.
•    Combination abutment/crown cases, cases having 6 or more units, long span bridges and finished glazed cases require an additional day in lab. Full arch cases may require up to a week to complete in lab. 

Shipping and Payments

**Return Shipping is FREE when submitting 3 UNITS OR MORE per day of order.
•    Cases are return shipped 2nd Day Air. Local accounts may receive “Next Day” by the end of the day, where available. 
•    ALL SHIPMENTS will be delivered by “End of Day” by approximately 5pm on the delivery day.
•    “Next Day” shipping AND “morning delivery” is available at the expense of customer. If you would like the shipment returned using “Next Day” you must indicate on the work order or via email with patient I.D. information. If request is not completed in writing the package will be shipped 2nd Day and/or “End of Day”.
•    Verbal requests for Next Day or Morning Delivery requests are not accepted.  They must be made in writing. We can include in your account preferences for standing requests. 
•    “Will Call” is available on the “ship day” between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

•    New Accounts are “pay as you go.” You must provide a CREDIT CARD, Check or Cash to be processed for payment prior to shipment of cases.  Cases that are unpaid by the shipping date will be shipped C.O.D. with an additional charge of $12.50 for the C.O.D. fee.
•    Talladium Milling Center only offers credit terms upon the approval of formal credit application review.
•    Active Talladium customers: current terms apply.
•    Talladium Milling Center has separate billing and statements from Talladium. Accounts must be kept in good credit standing to keep terms granted by TMC.
•    NOTE: Submitting payment with case will help to ensure your case is completed and shipped to meet the requested return date. Call ahead for payment information.


Talladium Milling Center proudly stands behind our materials and craftsmanship.
•    Unconditional Quality Assurance Warranty - If any quality issues are evident upon initial inspection such as short margins, shade discrepancies, bite issues, cracks or rocking, contact TMC as soon as possible and we will remake the case for FREE.
•    In order for the remake to be under warranty at any time, you must:
•    Notify TMC in writing on the work order (online) or by Prescription lab slip that case is a “remake” at the time that case is received.
•    Provide the original invoice or case #, patient ID and tooth #.
TMC will replace parts or remake work originally purchased from TMC at no charge. This warranty provided is non-transferable and must be redeemed by the original Talladium account holder. Warranty is limited to the re-manufacture of the broken component and does not include; surgical costs, implant replacement, replacement of other parts or components not purchased through Talladium, labor costs or liability incurred as a result of the breakage for up to 5 years from original work order date. Warranty does not apply to wax or PMMA restorations or breakage resulting from: accident, misuse by further reduction by [lab or dentist] that exceeds minimal required standards, alters structural integrity of framework, failing to use zirconia approve grinding instruments or rotary, any additional causes such as intraoral adjustments, dental decay, poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, incorrect application of porcelain materials including stains/glazes, inadequate framework design (pre-designed orders), cracking or de-lamination of porcelain. 
See handling instructions.

*TMC reserves the right to charge for remake cases for any account who’s remake percentage is 10% or higher at any given time.

If you have any questions about our policies, please don't hesitate to contact us.