A material for every case.

We make everything from scratch right here at the Talladium Campus in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Our dry and arid climate is perfect for blending powders and creating formulations that are consistent every time.


HT Zirconia (1200 MPa)

High Translucent Zirconia (HT): This formulation is the all around work horse of our zirconia family. Made to be strong yet beautiful, it is a great fit for any case:

  • Single unit to full-mouth cases
  • Posterior and anterior
  • Maryland bridges
  • Abutments
Luminesse AT.jpg

AT Zirconia (650 MPa)

Anterior Translucent Zirconia (AT): This Anterior blend is designed for aesthetic cases. It is extremely translucent while retaining the structural integrity of a full contour restoration. 

  • Single crown to 3 unit bridge
  • For anterior teeth only
  • Highly aesthetic with more depth and character than regular zirconia

Tilite Chrome

The family of metals that started it all over 30+ years ago. This CoCr alloy is perfect for a wide range of cases and will save you a lot of time. No more waxing and casting!

  • Great with a wide range of porcelains at 14.5 CTE
  • Perfect for copings and full contour
  • Create large bridges without soldering!
Calysta Multi-Layer.jpg

Calysta Nano-ceramic

Calysta is a unique multilayered nano-ceramic material that delivers unparalleled aesthetics. Your doctors can add to it with light cure and polishing Calysta is quick and simple if any adjustments need to be made. This material is suitable for single crowns only.

  • 80% Glass, 20% Polymer

  • Elastic Modulus Comparable to Dentin
  • Highly Aesthetic