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Available in Regular and Multilayered

High Aesthetic Zirconia (HAZ) 1100MPa / 47% Translucency

ONE FOR ALL is a very strong, “Phase 4” zirconia that Talladium formulated to satisfy our customer's desire to have ONE zirconia for ALL indications and be aesthetic enough for anterior applications. ONE FOR ALL maintains excellent translucency with a higher more natural value (brightness) than anterior zirconia. ONE FOR ALL is strong enough for full arch frameworks and Hybrid Screw-Retained Denture cases, abutments and full contour cases with .5mm or greater clearance. ONE FOR ALL has a CTE that is compatible with traditional zirconia porcelains and glazes.

Photo to the left is ONE FOR ALL zirconia infiltrated with Talladium’s NEW ONE FOR ALL water-based coloring liquid, then glazed with Talladium’s NEW Ultra-Universal Spray Glaze.

ML800 Multi-Layer Shaded Zirconia, Shade A1.

ML800 Multi-Layer Shaded Zirconia, Shade A1.

ML800 Zirconia

Talladium’s Multi-layer Pre-shaded Zirconia

Why order copings and build porcelain? This is an all-around CAD/CAM solution for the Dentist that wants Porcelain aesthetics at a zirconia price.

ML800 is pre-shaded zirconia with multiple translucencies therefore the color layer won’t “white out” during seating adjustments. ML800 shading transitions from gingival color to incisal translucency with aesthetics that easy rival layered porcelain.

ML800 is indicated for: 1.5 mm occlusal thickness, 1mm wall thickness in the posterior, up to 2 pontic spans and .7 thickness in the anterior region.

Chameleon HT.jpg

HT Zirconia

(1200 MPa / 45% Translucency)

High Translucent Zirconia (HT): This formulation is a “Phase 3” zirconia and all around “work-horse” from our Luminesse zirconia line.  We manufactured our HT Zirconia to be strong while still allowing for better aesthetics. 

Indications are ideal for:

  • Frameworks & Cutbacks with Zirconia linguals/occlusals

  • Bruxism Patients

  • Limited Clearance Cases

  • Long Span Pontic Frameworks

  • Full Arch Hybrid Screw Retained Denture Cases (with Pink Tissue)

  • Maryland bridges

  • Abutments

  • Masking out dark stumps, amalgams, metal post/cores.

AT Zironia
AT Zirconia next to a hydrated natural tooth.

AT Zirconia next to a hydrated natural tooth.

AT Zirconia 

(750 MPa / 50% Translucency)

Anterior Translucent Zirconia (AT) is from Talladium’s High Aesthetic Zirconia (HAZ) Line.  AT is a “Phase 5” zirconia designed for aesthetic cases in the anterior region in low function. AT is very translucent similar to that of Lithium Silicate yet being slightly lower in value due to its high translucency.  AT Zirconia is indicated for: 

  • Anterior single unit full contour crowns or copings. 

  • Frameworks and full contour bridges up to 2 unit pontic spans in the anterior or 1 pontic span posterior bridges.

  • Anterior cases with .7 mm bite clearance or posterior units with 1.0 mm wall thickness and 1.5 mm occlusal clearance with shoulder or chamfer margins.

Pic demonstrates an  LT (Low Translucent) B1  monolithic full contour #8 and #9.  #8 is finished with  Talladium’s NEW Ultra-Universal Spray Glaze  only. #9 is characterized with incisal effects using  Spectra-Fire frit stains (by Jim Emmons)  and  Talladium’s NEW Ultra-Universal Spray Glaze.

Pic demonstrates an LT (Low Translucent) B1 monolithic full contour #8 and #9.

#8 is finished with Talladium’s NEW Ultra-Universal Spray Glaze only. #9 is characterized with incisal effects using Spectra-Fire frit stains (by Jim Emmons) and Talladium’s NEW Ultra-Universal Spray Glaze.


CAD CAM silicate block-milled ceramic

TMC offers this High Aesthetic All-Ceramic in High Translucent (HT) Shades Ideal For Veneers and Inlays in: HT BL1, BL2, BL3, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2.

Recommended for Full Contour and Cutback Cases TMC Offers Low Translucent (LT)Shades in: LT BL1, BL2, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, D2, D3 

Available in a variety of finishes and pricing:

Blue State unfinished, crystalized unfinished, crystalized glazed finished.

Technical Specifications:
Density = 2.3 to 2.6 g/cm3
CTE @ 500C = 8.5 to 11.0 x 10-6K-1
Flexural Strength = 400 to 460 MPa
Vickers Hardness = 5400 MPa
Solubility after sintering <100ug/cm2


Tilite Chrome

(Sintered Alloy) No more waxing and casting!

Tilite Chrome is a cost effective CAD CAM solution for PFM frameworks and full contour cases.  Talladium’s research has revealed some unique characteristics in this compressed, non-precious metalic powder disk that ensures precise margin adaptation and fit to abutment. Tilite Chrome can be designed and milling using basic zirconia strategies and tooling with only a couple of parameter adjustments. Therefore, TMC passes the savings on to you.

Contact TMC for specific parameter settings.

3 Shape users can download our TMC .dme file by clicking on this highlighted link.

Elongation > = 2%
CTE @ 500’C = 14.5
Vickers Hardness = 270 +/- 27 HV10
Density = 7.9g/cm3
Modulus of Elasticity > = 200 GPa
Max Load Strength > = 800MPa
Max Yield Strength > =500MPa
Color = white

Haas power at Talladium Milling Center.

Haas power at Talladium Milling Center.

CAD CAM Chrome

(Hard Chrome Alloy)

Milled from solid Cobalt Chrome, 98.5mm disks, this material has a high degree of precision right out of the mill without sintering, producing a high quality, higher density restoration. CAD CAM Chrome is ideal for long span bridges. The CTE of 14.3 on this material is a little more ideal for better compatibility with more high fusing porcelain brands. CAD CAM Chrome is never waxed, never invested, never cast, just one piece fabrications from a premium grade, virgin dental alloy.

Contact TMC for proper parameter settings to assure precision fitting restorations superior in every way to SLM and casting for rock-free frames.

Elongation = 11%
CTE @ 500’C = 14.3
Vickers Hardness = 255 HV10
Density = 8.4g/cm3
Modulus of Elasticity = 233 GPa
Max Load Strength = 678 MPa
Max Yield Strength = 396 MPa
Maximum Oxide Firing Temp = 980’C
Color = white

Calysta Multi-Layer.jpg


Glass/Resin Nano-ceramic

Calysta is a “NO-FIRE”, low labor, economical, nano-ceramic polymer material with high aesthetic results.

Calysta is milled then easily finished using Talladium’s HP T-Shine Diamond Polishing wheels, Talladium’s HP Diamond Point Burs. Once fit and texture is completed use Talladium’s NEW DOUBLE DIAMOND Polishing Paste. Double Diamond was specifically developed to bring a glazed finish to Calysta and our zirconia surfaces in less than 15 seconds using a No.11 soft bristle rotary brush! Custom characterization is easily achieved using GC’s OPTIGLAZE COLOR kit.

Calysta is never fired in a porcelain furnace or sintered. To make corrections simply apply any light or self curing composite material, cure, shape and re-polish. This material is a dream for technicians to use & for dentists to use chairside. Calysta is indicated for single crowns or veneers in the anterior region that are in low function.

  • Available in Monochromatic LiTe shades: LTA1, LTA2, LTA3, LTB1, LTB2, LTC1, LTC2, LTD2

  • Available in Multi-Layer shades: MLA1, MLA2, MLA3, MLB2.

  • Calysta is made up of 80% Glass Ceramic & 20% Polymer

  • Modulus of Elasticity Comparable to Dentin

  • Highly Aesthetic

  • Etch with standard laboratory hydrofluoric etching acid

  • Resin bonded cementation is highly recommended